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MPCA Citizens Water Monitoring

The Pomme de Terre River Association is currently undergoing a round of Intensive Watershed Monitoring for 30+ stream, river, and lake sites within our watershed to gain valuable data on water quality that will be incorporated into a Watershed Restoration and Protection Strategy. Of course, PdTRA is not alone. A number of local residence within the watershed and Lake Associations are also doing their part in monitoring water quality. If there is a stream or lake near you whose quality you care about, check out the Citizen Water Monitoring Program hosted by the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency to see if it’s being monitored or sign up to be a volunteer! Your contribution of data will help expand our reach and knowledge about the water quality within the watershed and can help inform future restoration and protection efforts. See Details Below.

MPCA’s Citizen Water Monitoring Program

Join more than 1,400 Minnesotans who track the health of their favorite lake or stream — become a citizen water monitor today! Citizens in every county can join the water quality movement by signing up to be a water monitor through the MPCA’s Citizen Monitoring Programs. With 69,000 miles of streams and over 14,000 lakes in Minnesota, more volunteer monitors are needed to help track the health of our waters. No prior experience or training is required – just a love of water.   All equipment and training is provided by the MPCA free of charge.

Find out if your favorite lake or stream needs monitoring by using the MPCA’s interactive map.  To become a volunteer or learn more about the program, visit the Citizen water monitoring enrollment webpage, or call 651-296-6300 (Twin Cities) or 800-657-3864 (Greater Minnesota).

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