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About Us

The Pomme de Terre River Association of Minnesota was formed on May 27, 1981 with the purpose of improving water quality in the Pomme de Terre River.



“The mission of the PDTRA is to protect and improve the surface and ground water resources of the Pomme de Terre River Watershed by addressing water quality and quantity issues while also promoting healthy and sustainable agriculture, industrial, and recreational based economy for the region.”

The Pomme de Terre River Association (PDTRA) is devoted to restoring and protecting the Pomme de Terre Watershed located in West Central Minnesota. Founded in 1981, the PDTRA created a partnership between Otter Tail, Grant, Douglas, Stevens, Big Stone, and Swift counties and Soil and Water Conservation Districts (SWCD), which today has grown into a conservation machine.

The PDTRA consists of a Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) and a Joint Powers Board (JPB). TAC members are technicians and professionals in the water field that consist of a county and SWCD representative from each of the six counties (listed above).

Similarly, JPB members consist of a county commissioner and SWCD supervisors from each of the six counties. TAC members provided technical guidance for the JPB, which is the governing authority for the association.

The association is a watershed project, meaning that we are strictly a voluntary and grant funded/non-conventionally funded organization. We promote conservation by providing design work, construction, and partial funding for Best Management Practices (BMPs) and many conservation programs (See Projects).