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Pelican Creek

Pelican Creek Sub Watershed

Click on the map below to view full size (PDF)Pelican Creek Sub Watershed
Please Note: Not all water bodies in the provided map have been fully assessed for recreational and biological impairments. Funding and time constraints have limited monitoring efforts.

The Pelican Creek watershed mainly compromised of buffered rolling hills and land-use is mostly agriculture with moderate occurrences of pasture, grazing land, and some areas of row crop.

Pelican Creek:

Pelican Creek was listed as an impaired waterway on the EPA’s 303(d) list in 2012 for a low macro-invertebrate index of biological integrity (IBI) score. Do to a recalculation of the IBI score the impairment, however, is not included in the Watershed Stressor Identification Report or Watershed Monitoring and Assessment Report created by the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency.

Lake Christina:

Lake Christina is a 3949 acre shallow lake that is listed under the EPA’s 303(d) impaired waters list for high levels of nutrients and mercury. This lake is a nationally recognized staging area for migratory waterfowl. An intensive study of migratory bird use and nutrient monitoring was completed by the MN Dept. of Natural Resource. Lake Christina Reclamation: Ecosystem Consequences of Biomanipulation.