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Drywood Creek Dam Removal Pt. 2

The Drywood Creek Dam Removal Project, with planning that started in 2015, was finally completed the 3rd week of October 2018!

The project broke ground last year and started with the removal of a failed dam from the 1970’s whose flanking had increased erosion. The project not only aimed to remove the Dam but also to restore the connectivity of Drywood Creek to its natural floodplain and restore habitat. This year contractors and engineers worked to re-excavate the historical meandering stream and close off the straightened portion of the stream. Along with this rick weirs were re-constructed within the historic channel to mimic important habitat features that help sustain native aquatic species as well as provide some channel flow control during times of high flow. Toe wood,soil wraps, and grass seeds were lastly added to the landscape to help re-create a riparian buffer that will help mitigate any further erosion.

Over the course of the next few years we hope to see increasing riparian vegetation and a decrease in the amount of sediments contributing to Drywood Creek. Final estimations of the project design predict up to a reduction in up to 212.50 Tons of sediment per year and 212.5 lbs of phosphorous per year from entering the stream!

This project was thanks to a collaboration between the PDTRA Joint Powers Board, Swift County, Swift SWCD, DNR, WCTSA engineers, and funding derived from competitive Clean Water Funds and DNR grants.



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