Pomme de Terre River


October 7th, 2015: TAC Meeting- 9:00 a.m. ARS Soils Lab, Morris MN

October 9th, 2015: JPB Meeting- 9:00 a.m. ARS Soils Lab, Morris MN


Watershed Academy October 24th

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  • Summer Canoeing Summer Canoeing The Pomme de Terre River Association, along with many watershed residents, canoed dowth the river this past July. Everyone had a blast even though they had to put up with Jared's random ecology commments.
  • Science Technology Engineering Mathematics Science Technology Engineering Mathematics Last winter we visited the Morris Area Highschool to assist in the creation of table top stream models. The highschool students were then able to share their new found knowledge with some 1st graders.
  • Science Fair Science Fair A presentation about water quality was given at the Morris Elementatry School's science fair last year. Students jumped when Jared ignited a ballon filled with hydrogen in order to demonstrate the inefficiency of creating water.
  • Stream Barb Project Stream Barb Project In 2012, the Pomme de Terre River Association, along with several partners, installed stream barbs (Rock structures) at the Mill Dam in Morris, MN. These barbs divert the rivers energy away from the shoreline and back to the middle of the channel.



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The Pomme de Terre River Assocaition Recieved $387,146 in Clean Water Funds for 2015

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